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Parenting is tough no matter what stage of life your kids are in - but the teen and young adult years can be especially difficult as your child grows into an independent adult. My goal is to help you and your child understand what is typical and/or atypical for a teen. Remember what you learned in psych class? As a professor, I’m able to apply those human development principles to your teen and reassure you that some of what you think is problematic may in fact be normal.

I will also work with your teen to understand the process of therapy and how it can be helpful. I’ll debunk the myths about mental health treatment and help your teen develop skills they can use today and in the future.

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Mental Health.

Hi! I’m Jenny Hoffman - mother, hockey fan, avid reader and therapist who thinks therapy is best done in a comfy t-shirt and pair of tennis shoes. Therapy is not what you see on T.V., so take a deep breath, relax, and let’s kick that “clinical” notion to the curb. I help teens and adults by inviting them into a space where they can be their true, authentic selves -just like me. People often share with me in therapy through art - whether it’s a book they’re reading or even their favorite Netflix show. I don’t want to miss those important conversations, so I spend my spare time catching up on the things that my clients care about. I’m an ally, an advocate, and strive to provide each client with a highly individualized therapy experience. Let’s take a step together toward healthier thoughts, habits, and relationships.

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Individualized Therapy

With her relaxed and engaging speaking style, Jenny works to educate groups on a variety of topics including: teen development, anxiety, launching, self-care, and social media. 

Jenny provides highly individualized, evidenced-based therapeutic services for people nine and up. Services will include assessment, goal setting and planning, and treatment. 

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Therapy Is A Process Of Building Self-awareness And Is Non-Linear.

This Means That You May Take Two Steps Forward In Your Work, And One Step Back In Your Growth.

You will grow as an individual as you learn how to understand yourself and those around you. As you work in the therapeutic process, you will gain coping skills to handle whatever life brings you. My goal is to provide you with a strong therapeutic experience, with a solid beginning and end, so that you will want to pursue mental health therapy should you want or need it in the future.  

Let's Destigmatize Mental Health, Shall We?

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Jenny Hoffman’s mission is to educate people about the mental health experience through her speaking engagements and to provide quality evidence-based, individualized therapeutic services to her clients. Jenny attended Northwestern University and received a BS in Social Policy and received her MA in Social Service Administration from The University of Chicago. This education provides a crucial foundation to Jenny’s understanding of the importance of advocacy and quality services for her clients. She worked for a variety of agencies in the Chicago and Saint Louis areas prior to opening her private practice in 2009. Jenny also teaches at several universities, including Washington University and Maryville University, which allows her stay current on practices, policies, and social issues to bring to her work.

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"Speaking and working with adolescent girls can sometimes be a monumental task. I had the pleasure of working with Jenny when she spoke via Zoom to a group of 7th grade girls on the topic of emotional self care. Jenny was engaged, was obviously well-versed in "teenage girl talk" and provided age appropriate visuals and activities. Jenny took the time to explain the WHY behind common stressors and encouraged the girls that they have a say in the choices behind how to both handle and reduce the strain associated with each issue. Given how the pandemic has only made engaging with others an even more difficult task, Jenny was able to not only engage this group of girls, but empower them with tools to productively continue through these challenging times."  


"We were fortunate to have Jenny Hoffman-Mentle featured in a virtual event that was hosted in 2020. Jenny was personable, knowledgeable and relatable. She introduced real strategies to help our viewers navigate sensitive topics related to the circumstances the pandemic brought into our lives. She discussed the impacts on children and families and identified tools to help parents support their children through isolation, homeschooling and socializing in a virtual world. We are very grateful to Jenny for sharing her expertise with our audience and look forward to working with her again."


It can be hard to talk to your teen, with a lot of head nods and “I’m fine” responses expected. This guide compiles a list of places, times, and even specific questions that can help you break past the vague answers and get on a deeper level with your teen.

5 Easy Ways to Engage with your Teen

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