Difficult Conversations I often find myself face to face with a teen after a crisis. These crises can be major break ups, divorce, and death. Sometimes the crises involve situations that may have been avoidable like a party gone wrong, or a social media mishap. There is no blame in the situation, no judgment. As […]


April 8, 2021

Difficult Conversations

You are a few semesters into online learning. Sometimes, it is helpful to take a “step back” and think about the best ways to learn in the virtual space. I’m writing these tips as a professor who teaches both in person and online. Here are a few tips: Your professors are human. They are going […]

Education, Teens

February 25, 2021

Learning in a Virtual Space

The pandemic has left us with a constant barrage of the word self-care. Have you heard it yet? On the news, in magazines, on your favorite podcast, everyone wants to talk about self-care. But, have they told you HOW?! When I’m talking with clients, I like to remind them that others’ ideas of self-care may […]

Self Care

February 10, 2021

The How-To of Self Care

Social comparisons are overwhelming in today’s world, especially with our lives on social media. People are constantly updating their social media with tik-tok videos, snap chat maps, photos on Instagram, and more. For teens, this can create a world of social comparison which can leave them feeling better, and sometimes far, far worse. Social comparisons […]

Parenting, Teens

January 18, 2021

Social Comparison Among Teens

It can be hard to talk to your teen, with a lot of head nods and “I’m fine” responses expected. This guide compiles a list of places, times, and even specific questions that can help you break past the vague answers and get on a deeper level with your teen.

5 Easy Ways to Engage with your Teen

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